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At KNB accounting, we provides a complete range of accounting services for individuals, their businesses, corporations and nonprofits in all kind of areas.


Our Tax Services professionals offer clear, concise advice to manage your tax risk, your personal and business tax issues, and develop strategies to utilise tax concessions and planning opportunities.

New Business Registration

Our Consultors will provide you all required information about the registration of a new company or the purchase of an already-registered company.

Business Advisory

Our specialist business advisors are skilled in helping you plan and implement contemporary business practices that will allow you to keep a close eye on the detail while not losing sight of the big picture.

Bookkeeping Services

At KNB accounting, we can provide bookkeeping services to meet your needs. Our bookkeeping services are customized and scalable based on your changing requirements.

GST, PST, WCB Returns & Payroll

Our GST experts can help you navigate this complex and wide ranging area, helping you achieve compliance, minimise the impact of GST and avoid pitfalls for your business.

CRA, WCB Audit

You can have confidence that our regulatory audit service is conducted with a key focus on quality assurance, and is fully compliant with professional independence requirements. business goals and inherent risks. This means more efficient service delivery and ensures we focus on the critical areas of risk that could have a material impact on your business and its financial results.

Training Solutions

By providing one-on-one training sessions, we are able to provide customized sessions to address specific issues you may be experiencing.


We can file your tax online.